Hello all. I took a pretty substantial break from here for v

Hello all. I took a pretty substantial break from here for various reasons but im back and...worse than ever. I now have 2 kids (2 years and 2 months old) before my 2nd was born I found out I was accepted to go back to school to become a PE teacher but I had to delay a semester due to my daughter being born. Today I registered for classes for next semester and there were little to no night options so that means in order to go back to school with a chance to do something I think would make me happy I'd have to quit my well paying job and put myself and my kids on my wife's insurance instead and work close to minimum wage. I hate my current job. I get yelled at all day, deliver bad news and the work load is such that they will never let me leave my position. So now its basically down to this: quit my job and put my family in financial jeopardy just so I can be happy, or work this job for the rest of my life (where I live there aren't much other options than this company) and be miserable and on all likelihood blow my brains out. I know the answer is obvious (choosing my family over myself) but that doesn't make me any happier. Top all that off with new baby stress, 2 recent deaths of a family member and dear friend/co-worker. So yeah. Pretty much the worst few months of my miserable life.

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Oct 16

Sorry for your losses! It seems places are trying to work with people so they can keep income coming in. Have you reached out to the school to see if there are other options?

Oct 17

@bebobaBetty i will be. Good idea

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Oct 17

Hello. I am so sorry you are going through this. Are those your only options? Do you need to go to that particular college. There are tons of colleges offering PE programs online. Ideally it is best to brainstorm ideas so you have a better perspective. I am not sure what you do for work. Have you consider substitute teaching from time to time? Quitting a job that gives you financial stability with 2 kids would be very difficult. Especially in today's circumstances. Just remember there are too many options you may not be aware of just yet.


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