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A few weeks ago I decided I wanted to become a teacher. That

A few weeks ago I decided I wanted to become a teacher. That it was a destiny that I had ignored for too long. At first I didn't want to do it because it's the "family business." I realized that I'd rather do that than work another minute of auto claims. The big problems are though that I'm scared to dive in. What if it's another horrible mistake. We just bought a new house how am I going to afford going back to school? Now I'm having 2nd thoughts on the whole thing. How can I be so dumb to have let this go on for so long. It's been 4 years since I've graduated college and 2 years of marriage. I have set my family back eons because of my stupidity, selfishness and poor decision making. When I say my family would be better off without me this is why. This is what I mean. I'm such a burden

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Oct 10

Doing something that allows you teach without committing a lot of time and money into more education would be what I suggest.

There is a shortage of teachers, many states have programs to help you financially.
There's also different avenues of teaching. In some cases, you can teach with just a certificate, or less, such as continuing educations courses.
You can pursue a lot of this stuff part time while you are still working.

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Oct 10

Do what you wish, think like a business man, "how can I do what I want and make money?", Read through this site and and then reconsider the level of difficulty you are attempting. You can walk, talk, read, drive, have sex, and have a mentality strong enough to say "you know Dan, you are right, I can rent a smaller home or apartment, rent out my home, take advantage of my jobs tuition plan, go to night school to get my creditails, in the meantime save in the 401k for tax advantanges, baby making payment from from my employers insurance plan. Yeah we can drive this older car for a while why we do this too. Not bad. Then while we are at it, maybe we can accumulate enough to partner with someone else on another real estate project, I'll keep my eye open for foreclosures and partner prospects of course maintaining excellent credit. Maybe other opportunities will show up like franchise buy outs." Then later "Not only I am I a professor I am now teaching business at a university. Have 2 homes 5 kids in college Thanks Dan, I can see why your wife married you!." Be happy live to 100!!!

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Oct 11

Congratulations on finding your passion, many people never do. If you enjoy teaching there may be ways to make it happen with the skills you already have. Do you need a teaching degree in your area? If so what would be the cost? Do you think listing the pro's and con's for what you are looking to do versus what you are currently doing would be helpful. If you choose to there are online schools that can be very reasonable in price that can help you attain your goals. It sounds like you realized you are doing something that is not fulfilling to you and are looking at your options. That seems like something a person who is looking out for the best options for their family. You got this!


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