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So I'm at my therapy session last night and we talked a lot

So I'm at my therapy session last night and we talked a lot about my son who will be born in less than 3 weeks. He asked if I was excited and I said kind of. I said how I feel like I don't deserve this. How I dont have my **** together when I thought I would by the time I have children. How I dont want to pass a long my anxiety and depression to him bc thats not fair to him (think of the scene in Forrest gump when he asks Jenny if his son is like him, cuz thats what I think about in regards to this). My therapist said people can pass on tons of things to their kids like diabetes or heart problems but we don't choose to give those things to them and those diseases including even anxiety and depression dont make us who we are and that if my son has half the character I do then hes golden. This is really making me rethink my whole view and was hoping you guys could chime in with your thoughts on this? I felt like my depression affected my mood which affected my character but maybe I was wrong. What do you guys think?

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Dec 5

I dont think it does it changes some aspects of us but im still me when im depressed im just sad me... The best thing to do for that child is enjoy every single moment of his life he only gets one and he only gets one dad and be there for him if there is ever a time he is depressed

Dec 5

Try not to worry about those negative thoughts. Once the baby is born, love him and enjoy every moment you have with him. They grow up very fast and before you know it, they are an adult. I agree that if he ever does get depressed, be there and supportive for him. I used to have such worries when my children were growing up, but they all turned out great.

Dec 6

All kinds of things in life can throw us curveballs, but, it's our character that allows us to persevere and conquer them - just like YOU are with your anxiety and depression!!! Just continue to love your son and do the best you can for him and, your therapist is right - he'll be golden!


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