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It's like food poisoning but with caffeine? I think . Before

It's like food poisoning but with caffeine? I think . Before all this happened I drank alot of coke cola. I think it was too much because now I'm panicked. And I cant be alone. And when I sleep I wake up in a panic. I have no appetite and theres like this fist around my chest and stomach. I want to feel better but I dont know what to do. HELP ME...


Maybe for right now a warm shower or bath? Really cold water to sip on? If you have anything with a nice, calm scent like lotion or soap or a candle, try to notice that? No more caffeine. It can definitely make you feel awful, and definitely can increase anxiety feelings!! I hope you are doing a little better

Feb 13

Thank you for this in gonna stop drinking soda cold turkey in finding alot of things I used to like affect me in a weird and bad way.


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