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I feel like I became like a machine that does nothing but wo

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I feel like I became like a machine that does nothing but work. I supposed to have a financially good life with the amount of efforts I put but it's never enough. I feel everything is so empty and meaningless. I'm tired of feeling bad and depressed. Right now my shoulder hurts from stress. I'n hopeless to get help/saved/any better. I wish it would all end soon.

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Dec 8

Have you considered counseling? You need an advocate that can gently help you through the painful thoughts and experiences.

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Dec 10

@froggymom yes I did

Dec 11

Hi there, yes it is hard to live only for job or money. Maybe live with less and be content with smaller house, car... and take time to enjoy life. Are you financially burdened? Are there ways you could lessen your expenses? After all, it is just stuff and in the end doesn't bring joy and can become an enslavement. If you need to, move. There are many beautiful areas that don't cost too much to live in and most everywhere there are good people and bad, but find your niche there and it will be fine. Letting go is freeing, don't let the things and status own you. Something that can help calm your spirit and body is magnesium. It is awesome to get rid of anxiety. sign up to do some fun events rather than just putting money into stuff. Lots of classes are free, esp online. Paint, sing, write, walk and dance to rejoice in life. Also, volunteering is awesome to help you while you help others. =)


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