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Following your dreams is for losers.

Following your dreams is for losers.

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@Schuey what would you have done differently if you had listened to other people?

Jul 11

I completely understand how you feel. Your dreams can be crushed and you can give up and just accept status quo. if I listen to the negative people, I might as well sit here and wait to die. I don't. I fight the negative voices that people have left me with every day. It is not easy because I still have days that I do want to wait for my number to be called and then I make myself shake it off. Negative people can put doubt in your head and that's where the problem starts. Just some insite after you reach a certain age, people will tell you you can't do this and you can't do that because you are too old. When you're young, you get stupid idea, try something else, it won't work. Do yourself a favor follow your dreams, go under, around or through obstacles.......just do it!

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Jul 11

@Schuey ok. My friend. I can understand your frustrations. But please try to remember this. You are not a loser. You are setting a great example for your son. I don’t know how old he is. But he has a father that cares for him soo much that he goes to a job that he doesn’t like. Just to do right by his family. That alone is an amazing thing. I wish I had even one parent that was that strong, loving and dedicated. Two. You’re setting a great example by reaching out. Teaching a child that life can be tough and it’s ok to ask for help. Will and can make your child stronger. Strong enough to face adversity on his own when the time arises.
Now even if your son is a baby. Or too young to quite understand what you are going through. You are still setting the example. And I see it. So then others recognize your efforts too.
Now. As for your work. Try to be patient. Research when you have time. There are apps that may help. But it doesn’t hurt to apply to other jobs. Or just look to see what’s out there. It may not happen over night. But it will never happen if you don’t try.
Now hopes and dreams. Yes. Absolutely yes. They can be very disappointing. But I Ben if you did obtain or achieve theses dreams. What then. Does a person stop dreaming. Stop striving for more. Not usually. Usually they set new dreams and new goals. And I don’t mean to sound like I’m coming down on you. So please forgive me if that’s the way my reply is coming off. But I just want to encourage you. Maybe not to chase the same dream. But maybe find a different one. Whether it leads to your ultimate dream or not.
Now sometimes dreams are very hard to reach. So it sometimes helps to create little check points along the way. So you can see your progress and so you can just focus on the next step. Because with most dreams. They aren’t simple. They can be very complex to achieve. So if someone is only looking at the big picture. Then it can be overwhelming. And feel miles away.
And lastly. Please don’t let the negative things others say dictate your actions. You’re a good man. With a good heart. And that makes you amazing. So just maybe. Just maybe. These people who keep knocking you down are only doing it because they fear your greatness.

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