Anxiety is off the charts today as is the depression. This

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Anxiety is off the charts today as is the depression. This episode seems never ending!!! I'm not sure how much more I can take before I break completely. Feeling so overwhelmed by it all!!!


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Oct 15

@comfortablynumb They are terrible. Anything can bring them on. For me it would feel like a grand piano was sitting on my chest, and i would get dizzy. I sometimes try to stop and challenge my thoughts. I feel like my thoughts are in an enclosed bubble, and when it pops, i feel like I am more in touch with my reality. It is the same with obsessive thoughts. Try focusing on something tangible in your surroundings. Do you have someone to call when this happens?

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Oct 15

If you like twisted stuff anything by Chuck Palahniuk. Otherwise out of popular reads Wicked was good

Oct 16

@comfortablynumb, you are not alone. Does it help to know we are all here to help. We care about you. Anyone who has experienced anxiety knows exactly how you are feeling. Find something positive and uplifting to read or watch. Or go out and do something for someone. Anything to get your thoughts off your feelings. I read the book Rethink How You Think by Dr. David Stoop. It has really helped me see how my thoughts control my emotions.


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