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Advice/thoughts??????????? Please??? I've been planning f

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Advice/thoughts??????????? Please???

I've been planning for years to try out for a sports team at my school. But I'm only doing worse and worse with it, and I think I should give it up. I have no desire to push through the pain or to improve. And maybe I can use that time to do something I'll enjoy more or something more productive. Like taking some time for myself. Watching tv. Working to keep my grades up. Exercising for a good reason. Writing stories and music. Playing and listening to music. It all sounds amazing...

.......but do I just give this up so easily??? And what do I tell my parents who have supported me through this whole thing???

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Nov 13

Well, I would first do what interests me and from you say it seems you are more artistic and would rather be putting your energy in those endeavors. I am not sure the need or drive to be athletic if you don't like it and its not a strength. Giving up and choosing another activity are two different things.

Nov 14

I've been thinking the same thing, honestly. I choose architecture as my major, and I feel it's not for me. I'm already in my fifth semester, so it's too late to quit because I'm halfway through it. But it's getting so stressful

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Nov 15

I actually saw some improvement yesterday, I realized there was another complication and it wasn't me. I just immediately blamed myself for my failures.


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