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honestly my brain SCREAMS that all my friends don’t like m

honestly my brain SCREAMS that all my friends don’t like me. it’s not just that they don’t like me, though. it’s deeper than that. it screams that i just invite myself and that annoys them, even when they invite me. it screams that i annoy them when i pop in and say hi if they’re in the lounge. it screams that they continue plans even when they cancel with me, even if it is truly cancelled. it screams that when i send a text or any sort of message to them, that they purposely ignore it for hours even when i know they’re busy. i used to be bad about reacting to it, though. i would accuse my friends of all of that, even when i knew deep down it wasn’t true. i still sometimes catch myself getting close to yelling and starting fights because deep down, i really really feel like they would be better without me anyways. sorry about the capitalization, i cant figure out how to turn it back to automatically capatalize...

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Apr 17

@skyscraperpug I know it does. but do your best. you recognize the issue here, and that's a lot of the battle


Dear Skyscraperpug [95] I am truly sorry for you are going through. It sounds that you have been through a lot recently. It is understandable the way that you feel for the situation that you are experiencing with your friends, but let me tell you that you do have a purpose in life. Even in the darkest moments in our lives there’s always hope. What make you think that they do not like you? Are you referring of a group chat room like a Facebook? Counseling can be helpful to work things like this. You are valuable and worth fighting for. Let me tell you that life is beautiful, no matter what difficult situations we have to deal with. Since the fact that you are alive, that you wake up every morning, that you can see a sunny day, etc. These are gifts for you, so there’s always hope. Remember that no matter what is your age, we can always start again, make the things new and start a new chapter in our lives. Therapy can help you to identify what you feel in that way. Please let me know if you want to find a therapist in your area. Have you thought of looking for a social outlet, like a group of other adults that want to get together for social events, such as a volunteer job, sewing craft making, church ministry group, etc. I am sure that in time you will overcome your depression and anxiety. This list-ly is extremely important for you are going through: Do you have a faith or believe system to help guide you through this? Praying for you, my friend. – keep us posted, OK?

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Feb 18

@graceforeverandever I know this reply is very late, but I have been able to work on myself a bit more. I have yet to convince myself to go to therapy, but I am slowly getting there. Thank you so much for your support, it means a lot


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