This week's Brilliant New Topic: It is Thanksgiving next week y'all, where has the year gone???
November 19th, 2020


Ok so, trigger warning maybe? Please don’t read if you’r


Ok so, trigger warning maybe? Please don’t read if you’re triggered easily by self harm (stay safe though)

I’m legit feeling like I’m going to relapse in regards to self harm. Lately my anxiety has been sky high, I feel like everything I do is bad and I feel guilty, like not too long ago I got a vanity table and I burnt it a bit with some incense( shouldn’t of been lighting then in the dark) I was shaking and crying and having panic attacks and had to tell my mother and I felt like if I didn’t I would throw up and die and I did tell her eventually but that’s how everything is lately, I I’ve to speak everything on my mind or I feel like imma burst and die and my head has been feeling so pressured and sore from it all, I’m so exhausted from me and I wanna hurt myself to try take some of that mental pain away :(

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Nov 20

((Big Hugs)) I'm so sorry your going through so much! Have you tried a t-chart? One column being the action, inital reaction/thoughts, and lastly what actually happened. Our thoughts are not facts...let them pass like something floating on a river. I know alot easier said than done. Do you journal? I find it sometimes that can help. Anxiety and panic in itself can't harm us. I know panic attacks are scary cause i have been having bad panic attacks myself. A rubber band sometimes helps me not hurt myself. Have you tried muscle relaxation? Tense one muscle on purpose for 10 seconds or so and release. Im here to talk/listen and care.


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