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I feel like no one wants me anymore, all day I have watched

I feel like no one wants me anymore, all day I have watched sad multi fandoms about love and feeling used, I sleep most of the days and I don’t eat much, what is wrong with me

Jul 12

Daisy101, I am so sorry that you are feeling this way. I would highly suggest just getting up and going outside. Do this for a couple days, then make eating a few times a day your next goal. Most likely nothing is wrong with you. When your brain is not stimulated you will start to fall into depression and feel those negative feelings. I am here if you need to talk. I have been there too and I am praying for you. BIG BIG hugs!

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Jul 12

First there is nothing wrong with you. You are exactly who you are suppose to be.
Depression effects everyone. Some more than others that’s all. And so to get out of depression will depend on how deep the depression is. Now I can see that you’re depression is fairly deep. But little steps add up. Even if you tell yourself to sit up in bed. Rather than lay there. Then maybe in a couple day you can work up sitting by the window. But any step forward is a good step.
Now I understand that in some cases. A step has no meaning. Or feels that way. And that’s ok. It’s actually fairly normal in the depth of the depression you might be in. So sometimes a person has to build on their self esteem a little to find the courage to take a step. And then the step has meaning.
There’s a few ways to help build self esteem. Even from bed. One way would to compliment yourself. Think of some good qualities you have. I can help get you started.
It’s a huge step just reaching out. That tells me you know there’s better for you. That tells me you have heart. Your words have passion in them which reflects just how big your heart is. You care soo much it hurts. You have courage. To put yourself out here. And express yourself. For you to be able to be honest with your feelings that’s courage. Lots of times people may go into denial. And it takes strength to battle through your life to get to this point.
Now that’s just a small general list. I guarantee if I knew you better. I could spit out another dozen things.
And also to point out. The fact that all those things I mentioned. Take energy. Lots. So it is draining. So no wonder your worn down. It’s not easy to be spectacular.
And it’s perfectly normal when climbing out of the pit of depression to take two steps forward. One step back. Two steps forward. One step back. And that’s because it does take soo much effort to get out of depression. So it’s like when a person is trying to get themselves out of depression. Like you. A person will try so hard that they exhaust themselves. And need time to recuperate. But while recuperating. They can slide backwards a bit. And as the person gains strength. They can push another two steps forward.
So. From your perspective. It might not feel like you are making headway. But you are. In little increments.
So hang in there. Keep trying. You are actually doing a wonderful job. And for the record. I care. And I welcome your friendship. Please be kind to yourself.

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