Ugh. I tried my hardest for my grades and it's not even clos

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Ugh. I tried my hardest for my grades and it's not even close to being good enough. I need to do better with my grades. I don't know if I have anymore to give though I get the concepts pretty good. But I still fail to get any good grades...

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Mar 21

Sighs techocole, you keep saying you get it, but you can't get it on paper correctly. It's a subject you love/enjoy, & stressing over. Relax and the knowledge will flow much easier, than if you force and stress over it!


My daughter suffered from bad anxiety when she was in high school and because of that she was allowed special circumstances on her testing (an individualized education plan - IEP). My son has a processing issue so although he is quite smart in many ways, he too benefits from an IEP. You are clearly smart but the tests are holding you back it seems (in your opinion). Maybe you need something that is geared to your learning capabilities more? Having said this, I do not know how it reflects when graduation comes about or even if this is an option everywhere.

You said you need a base where you can convince others you are worth their time... what do you feel others are looking for? Do any of your strengths match up with those things? If not, what can you do to improve those strengths?

Again, this is pretty in depth for someone your age but hey, if you can handle it and want to push yourself a bit more (within healthy limitations) then all the power to you. Just please be sure to act on things from a place of knowledge so you don't waste precious time/energy/health worrying for nothing.

Your parents are lucky to have a son who cares so much about his future.

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Mar 21

What will you do in real life where there are no grades? Let me tell you from experience there is no way to "get people to acknowledge you". Take this from someone who spent a very long time trying to get her parents to do that very thing. It didn't really happen. You have to love you, accept you. This is why I hate the current school system; it makes kids focus on grades and not learning.


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