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I'm feeling better today and I don't know why. I'm confused

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I'm feeling better today and I don't know why. I'm confused.

I have an HMO so my mental health visits are 6 weeks apart at best. As a result, I end up trying to self diagnose using the internet.

Since I inexplicably feel better today for no reason, I'm wondering if I have bipolar tendencies. Keep in mind, I have felt depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and self-loathing for over 6 months straight to an extreme. Why would I wake up today feeling better? I'm really confused.

I don't expect this to last, considering how I have felt the last 6 months (6 years for that matter).

I thought bipolar mode swings happened more often than every 6 months.

Anyway, I will enjoy today knowing I will go back to feeling bad soon for the next six months. I wish I know my mood triggers.

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Jun 7

@norseduncan Trying to accept it, thx

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Jun 7

Internet = Scary rabbit hole

Jun 11

I am happy you are having a good day! enjoy all of it, no questions asked.. how about perhaps today is the day where a new chapter starts. Take it all in, no negativity, no doubts, no what ifs. Move forward knowing you are worth being happy and not worrying all the time if something is wrong with you. The internet is not a good place to diagnose yourself! ever. Sending you a hug!


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