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I think that I won't get rid of my depression or anxiety, I'

I think that I won't get rid of my depression or anxiety, I'm trying to fight it, improove myself, work with my emotional states, but even if I can make some progress it won't go away. It's a part of me, and I have to live with it.

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Feb 13

Psalms 46:10
....Be still and know that I am God.
I know about fighting my thoughts, depression, anxiety, my mind has a "mind" of it's own! My mind can drive me absolutely crazy sometimes! There is one thing that I learned. I am never going to win over my thoughts in my mind. Neither is anyone else. The one and only way to gain control and find peace is through Jesus Christ. Find a quiet and private place. Be still, sit down, no ipods, no cell phones, no textting, no computers, no ipads, no kids, husband, family or friends... No nothing! Just you and the quiet. Be still, be quiet, just sit. Close your eyes and speak to God. "Help me Jesus!" I am afraid, I am angry, I am lost and confused. Help me, for I do not know what to do! Protect me, show me your way, guide and direct me. I am afraid Jesus, help me now, I need to find your peace and calm. Cover me in it, thank you Jesus! Jesus, I need you, save me and protect me. I want to be your child, I believe that you are God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. I am putting my trust and believing in you. I want you to come into my life and let you Holy Spirit dwell inside of me. I am so tired, I have nothing left to give. Forgive me Jesus of all of my wrong doings and help me to rely on you. I praise you Jesus, and thank you for loving me so much that you died upon the cross for me.

In Jesus name I pray and thank you, Amen

If you trust and really believe in this prayer and prayed this prayer, Jesus will give you grace, love, joy and peace.
If you have a bible start reading the book of John. Read all the way through the book. It is Gods love story to us and shows us how much he really does care and love.
You will never get rid of depression or anxiety, but God gives us the grace we need to live each and every day in peace. (We have to make that first step and ask Him for help.) I am praying for strength and courage for you.

Best of wishes and blessings to you!

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Feb 17

@ToGoFruit to tell the truth I think it's been like most of my life. I have been diagnosed like 3 years ago and took medications and therapies for more than a year. I must say that it was effective, but it comes back... I don't think that I will ever be free of it

Feb 17

@JkBrauer please, I don't need any religion to deal with my issues. I need actual people.


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