Anyone up and able to talk? I'm having a really hard time an

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Anyone up and able to talk? I'm having a really hard time and need to chat with someone.

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Aug 12

It has never ceased to amaze me how much emotional damage 1 person in a management/supervisor position can cause fellow workers in a company. After some time, that person usually is found out by senior management. I am sorry that you have had the "experience" of working with that kind of person. You seem to have a strategy for handling the remaining days on this assignment. I hope that today was a good one & you were able to relax!

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Aug 13

@Eyni That work place doesn't sound like a healthy environment, it really seems more reasonable to try something else if there are options than to spend your energy trying to survive there and dealing with toxic people.

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Aug 13

@Eyni doesn't sound good and healthy in any way. I'm always around if you want to talk, I supported you, message me anytime!!


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