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So I am crying at the moment because I cant get get over my

So I am crying at the moment because I cant get get over my ex. I really need help. I got some good advise today when i posted but now I feel even worst because he just came for his dumbbells and left. Please help me, I'm feeling to die especially because I think he has someone new and its been two weeks since we broke up.

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Feb 15

Well said. I needed to hear that too

Feb 15

There is nothing anyone can say to help you get over him. Yeah, you'll find someone new. Sure, in time you'll not hurt so much. But it is now that you are hurting, and hope for the future doesn't really help much. We are always in the now. You can't redirect affection to that someone you've not yet met.

Try to occupy yourself with other things. I'm sure there must be something that you've wanted to do that you've just never gotten to it. Is there anything that simply amazes you? Explore it. Distractions will help you through until time heals the wound. Keep busy.

Feb 17

Breakups are never easy. I'm so sorry. You have been given some good advice by other posters on how this will take time. One thing that I think is important is to make some deliberate decisions in the coming days. Exercise is a great place to start....getting out and moving removes you from your house/dorm/apartment. Another thing I would suggest is to volunteer. Volunteering helps to take the focus off of the pain. Many churches have programs like soup kitchens, etc that you could plug in with.
Another thing that has helped me in times of significant sorrow...is I keep a gratitude journal. I write things that I'm grateful for. When I am sad, I can look back on previous gratitudes/blessings and that is helpful.


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