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How do we unlove someone? I have every reason to hate and fo

How do we unlove someone? I have every reason to hate and forget but after almost 2 years i am still longing for him. I hate it because he doesn’t want me anymore. He is now into dating and I can’t even begin a conversation with someone else. Our relationship has caused me so many things in the past 4 years. I want to move on. I need to move on. I just do not know how.

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Oct 8

Hi... I do not know about unloving someone easily...but the heart has unlimited capacity for love. Finding new love may help to "numb" previous feelings for a previous lover. Just be out there and if you are comfortable in more secure relationship s open up a bit and give it a chance if you see potential. Love can not be forced but its out there :)

Oct 11

@Lassie hi, thanks. I’ll keep this in mind. Hugs

Oct 11

t's really, REALLY, hard, but it is possible. I know I'm really young and don't seem like I might have experience with this stuff, but I've been hung up on guys for years without ever truly getting over them. It's only really bad when you have to see them constantly, but if they don't want you around or you can't handle being around them, cut off all ties with them. You don't need them and you're better off without them and you know it. Think of new relationships and new people, surround yourself with people who actually love you. <3 @sunfloweeer


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