Hi, I would love some support- my mom applied to the same pr

Hi, I would love some support- my mom applied to the same program in school as me (a master's program) and got accepted. She is in the full time program and I'm in the part time so we'll graduate at the same time with the same degree from the same school. She never told me she had even applied until she got accepted. I just found out yesterday, she and her husband are planning a vacation this summer with their two kids (my "half" siblings). And she's trying to hide that from me too. I feel stabbed in the back. My mom and her husband are giving me crap for not liking their choices about lacking communication. And yet that's the whole purpose of this school degree - is having communication! (Ironic, huh?) I don't talk much cuz I don't have much to say and cuz when I do talk, they shame me for thinking differently then them and I have enough self respect to not be shamed. It's depressing. Because of some of the shame I grew up with, I sometimes have no idea how to do other things (like even how to make new friends, what activities to do, etc.) I'd love some suggestions.

Mkay - now that vent is over - I found out yesterday too my sister is pregnant. She's miscarried I don't know how many times and I'm a little afraid if she miscarries again... I don't feel like I'm in a place to offer comfort if that happens again. I am praying for her to keep this baby and am afraid my faith isn't strong enough for that. I'm sharing this cuz I wanted to ask if ya'll would pray for her to keep this baby too (If she makes it about 4 more weeks I think her likelihood of misarrange goes way down).
All in all, I'm alright - more depressed than usual and than desired. Venting it out, support from you all and suggestions help so thank you. Wishing you the best in your struggles! <3

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Apr 7

Hope you feel better for venting. Maybe check with the university for counseling with both you and your Mom. Seems she oddly thinks being in the same program means support. Sorry for your (sister's) losses! I hope she's had a full medical checkup to find out if a trigger for baby losses.


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