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Hi all. So I'm currently in a long distance relationship and

Hi all. So I'm currently in a long distance relationship and its been really hard for me and worsening my depression and anxiety and idk what to do to help it. All the tips I've looked up arent helping and I just feel so sad and overwhelmed. I'm in a ldr with my bf, weve been together 4 months, and I love him, he makes me happy and everything but when I go to visit and I have to leave I always cry as soon as he drops me off at the station,(I dont let him see me cry) I just get sad cause ik its gonna be a while before i see him again and idk when that will even be and its really taking a toll on me emotionally. I knew ldrs were hard but i didnt anticipate the depth of it. Its almost making me not want to visit anymore because leaving is so hard for me and I feel horribly for the next few days after i get home. Idk what I can do to help this feeling go away, it worsens my anxiety. I just need some advice on how to get by during the distance

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Feb 13

i am a LDR as well and sometimes it gets hard and you feel lonely, ive been in mine now for 7 months, what we do to keep close is video chat alot once we have free time, because we both work and are usually home in the evenings we video chat while cooking, laying down, and doing any kind of chore just to stay close and connected.

Feb 14

Yea that's a good idea. Were on opposite schedules rn so we've been distant lately

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Mar 22

@Girl99 I feel we are distant at times but the love is still there we are gonna meet soon


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