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Depression and Anxiety affects your dating life?!


Depression and Anxiety affects your dating life?!

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@MaLee depression and anxiety definitely does effect your life. Knowing the signs of an attack or symptom helps. Please be strong. I find trying to use mental strengthening helps. Thinking positive thoughts more. Reading educational information. Studying the subjects you thrive in.. Exercising and having self care days are important.. You can get thru this and manage your ups and downs. Take care.. We are here for you

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Jul 3

I’m lucky, I found someone who has depression and he went to therapy so he understands mind. It’s a lot better for me but it used to. What’s important is finding someone who wants to know how to help you. Finding someone who will be there if you need them or if you need space and they give you it. Someone who wants you and depression and anxiety is a part of people. It also is really calming when you find someone who does those things. I felt safe and comfortable to be who I was. Hope this helps. It gets hard sometimes but finding a person that gets it and wants to be there for you helps a lot.

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Jul 3

It definitely does make it challenging. It helps to learn how to handle your ups and downs better. And try to not take them out on your significant other. Because sometimes they will take it personally or assume your just not happy. It’s best to also educate them. My husband is still learning. He has his good days of being there for me and we have very rough times also.


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