This week's Topic: Giving yourself credit for the person you have become!!!

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I just joined. Not sure how to do all this. I’ve been st

I just joined. Not sure how to do all this. I’ve been struggling again today. Yesterday was a good day. I went to bed somewhat decent. Woke up today in complete depression. It’s like this heavy dark blanket is pulled over my mind. It weighs me down. I only see dark. Especially about my self, my worth. I have no real friends I can talk to. I feel alone and that no one will ever understand. I don’t think there’s help for me. I am in so much pain.

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Sep 11

@BeyondtheBoundary I had no idea we could send messages on here. I supported you. I hope I get to a place where I find the light in the trauma. I touched an incredibly difficult past event at therapy today and it wiped me. I’ve been so sad and depressed since. This sucks. When does it get better? I have to do this again next week. I felt worse leaving the therapy. My heart hurts.

Sep 12

Lost hit the support button for me and we can talk privately.

Sep 13

@Florida That would be great thank you.


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