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Everyday.. i look like a normal person, walk talk act. No on

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Everyday.. i look like a normal person, walk talk act. No one seems to see anything wrong with me.. yet a 15min talking session with a doctor and they tell me im adhd, have gad( anxiety), depression, bi-polar, anger issues,paranoid, ptsd. That will be the last time i ever seek medical help for my mentality. I work i pay bills, i stay out of trouble, i dont go to bars or even drink, i do smoke weed but lets get real.. the plant was ment for us to use. Anyhow.. i truly believe its all a scam..
Oh yea lets give this guy pills and shove em down his throat so his mind is clouded and delusional then we can take take take from him(money) and keep telling him the pulls take time to work (as in until im addicted or given a psuedo sense of feeling i need them or highly convinced their is truly something wrong with me) i just dont buy it. No pill is going to fix the damage done to me mentally or reverse memories that happened. Have any of you ever almost been killed by someone? Fight for you life brutally and almost kill another person just to survive? Wanna know whats wrong with me for real? Simple, ive seen enough heard enough to make me disgusted with the world and operates. Sick of the religion and the race bs. The currupt economy and the false shade this country pulls over our eyes. The lies that are spread and the bashing of people never ends. All i see is the evil bs that everyone tries to pull. Its all about power.. whos got the most. All i want is a life with a sense of security and happiness. Yet i cant even do that because it seems like im living in a reality where life is one big competition. No one cares about you just the things u can provide and what you got. Fu*****sickening

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Nov 25

Don’t give up maybe the doc isn’t a good fit. I almost whooped one doc’s *** over the bs he was trying to tell me. Meds can help but they can’t fix anything. They can make life a little more bearable for some. If you don’t want meds that’s cool too but counseling is normally a good route. It’s not magic either but it helps someone learn how they can make themselves better. If it’s nothing else but helping work things out it is helpful. Try another doctor or counselor. Keep looking til you find one that can help you help yourself.

Nov 25

@TheMirrorintheaudience you said the words exactly about people and this world I'm 55 and I feel I don't belong in this life.

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Nov 26

@Amielucht I completely understand. I too am 55 and feel the same exact way


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