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I have lost or quit four jobs in the last 2-3 years. Some of

I have lost or quit four jobs in the last 2-3 years. Some of my time has been spent at home trying to cope but im failing miserably. I know its not my fault and I do the best that I can. Im just too sick and we live in an unforgiving world. Yet I still develop a hate for myself. I feel I failed and continue to fall.

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Anewbeginning's picture
Sep 19

You must not give up. If you think you have problems now, just wait until you would give up. No money for rent, food, etc. Continue to try. You will get stronger, you will get better. I have faith in you!

Sep 23

@Anewbeginning thank you! I started reading books on success and modivation again. At least its a start to get my mind rewired not allow the world determine my fate. Trying to remember that its my personal resonsiblity to make my own success and happiness...whatever it be.

Littlesis7's picture
Sep 23

You are not alone, we have all been there worrying about how we come across to ppl.
I can't tell you how many jobs I've had or been fired from...not that I'm an intense firecracker but from utter boredom, bad health/home structuring habits, mostly from working with CRAZY bad mngrs, workers who have no ability to support or relate to me LOL!! I used to fawn all over with the 'I'm sorrys' -no more. Now, I go into my bone-crushingly BAD job and just show up, do what I have to do and leave. I'm very empathetic (easily sensing good/bad energy coming off strangers!) and I've gotten so I take no BS from them...not worth my energy or time.
Good ppl shouldn't be that hard to YOURSELF and they will find you.
Unfortunately sometimes a smile, is needed to attract good ppl and jobs...LOL.


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