Happy 2020!!!
"The best is yet to come."
-Frank Sinatra

Today these words have been echoing in my mind :"Find someth

Today these words have been echoing in my mind :"Find something to live for"...
I dont know where to start.I have gave it my all in everything i have ever had,from relationships to work,to studying...still i dont know what to do with my life..time is not on my side but what else can i do.i am tired of failing so i dont even want to try and have things blow up in my face all over again..it hurts

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Sep 13

There is so much to live for. Although there was a time in my life these words would be meaningless. God brought me through the hardest most devastating times of life and showed me what I live for. He can and will do the same for you. Sounds like you are just beginning to explore and understand this. Have you sat down with a counselor, mentor or pastor to talk it all out? That could be the first step to healing and finding meaning. I am praying for you -Rachel

Sep 13

I had a similar thought happen to me today also. The epiphany came to me during work while assisting a coworker with a situation. I kept telling my self in that moment that I have value and purpose. For a very long time and even now, I constantly struggle with why am living and my purpose. I’m glad that you shared your story with us.

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Sep 13

@Tjmitchell i am just glad there is platform like this because everyone ks helpful..
There is really nothing that makes a soul restless than to not have purpose.
I am glad you do


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