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Not good....shaking and hypervenilating. Feel really sick at

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Not good....shaking and hypervenilating. Feel really sick at the moment trying to calm down.

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Mar 16

@SeeingBeyondDarkness you can do this. but you have to take charge of this situation. find what helps and works for you. not just to manage the attacks, but to shortcut them, to manage them before they happen. you are a good dude. you have things to offer. don't let yourself get caged

Mar 16

So, I don't really know you're situation and I feel I repeat myself to others because of my experience..I just know that indeed facing fears is the only way to go over and over...I was in a bad anxiety/ depression 6 years ago and finally found the right therapist...a relative who recognized my depression urged me to do what she did.. intensive psychotherapy...anyway, I was lucky and found someone and lucky I made the decision and it is a decision to go every week for years...face everything in my career I was afraid of...some things I don't even remember what was scary, but really only you can do that,....but you may need help..not sure about meds (I don't take them, but I know they help others with panic attacks) and with talking with's not cheap but in the worst of it, I've needed it...noone can force anyone to face stuff or get help, but there are often reasons for have to be able to tolerate it all in order to grow.. good luck

Mar 16

SBD. Norseduncan hit nail in the head. Albeit VERY bluntly...and lol as to his style. I have often wondered what you now do during the day now that u r out of school??? I know u live with your family...but now that school doesn't take a chunk from your day?
Plus. If you are to increase sessions with your pdoc (?) how is that going?

I mentioned before thst you might start to chart a nurse... Where you make a note for Saturday (for example) like this
8 am shower breakfast meds dress. Etc
Write in your activities
1 pm lunch meds
Write in your activities/encounters
6 pm dinner
----pm meds bedtime

So the parts you write in-you could write what people say or do and how you feel.. I thought you found a good LGBTQ group which was positive and supportive It DOES seem like u have depression/panic/thoughts late in the day...donthstbis important to let pdoc know..
Write down what s said or u feel.. What u do... Then think about what is coming out there. Identify it as best u can... Is it you don't love yourself? Are u afraid of something??
A therapist for a teen that I almost adopted said very simply---face your fear....
Hugs. We r here for u

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