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I've been physically sick, throwing up, i can't even move wi

I've been physically sick, throwing up, i can't even move without feeling like i'm going to past out. I don't go to classes often because of this too and honestly is bad, I dont know how I'm supposed to do my finals, but i really want to graduate and finish this so i tried.
Because of this i haven't been able to take my meds (paxil 25) and honestly i through i wasnt that affected but today i woke up and i had a dream about a teenager having adventures, falling in love, whatever and that trigger me so bad I have anxiety and was actually diagnosed with ocd, my mind won't shut down. I can't stop crying and all the fears about getting old and not being able have adventures with an innocent mindset are coming back, It's like I'm never getting ove r my reality and this is when i started to become the same as before, to be 100% honest i haven't been mentally well but i manage to do things and i stopped having panic attacks and i worried less.
I actually think that they are going to tell me to stop my medication (i'm going to the doctor today) because it's killing my stomach and i'm in a lot of other medicine

sorry this doesnt make sense, need to said it

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Nicoolee's picture
Dec 7

@Bria869 I relate to that situation a lot and i'm honestly relieved that there's people who are dealing or have deal with similar throughs and fears, obviously something that is hard to talk with just any other person.
Sometimes i get so out of it i guess, and write these paragraphs, I can't take medication because of my fatty liver and it's been hard with everything, so thank u for answering <3 have a nice week.

AmazedByU86's picture
Dec 7

There is no set rule book for how you have to deal with life's troubles, the stressful events that no matter what will occur. The most important part is that you are reaching out and willing to talk about it. Throughout various points in my life I have sought company from other like-minded people who can understand my struggles and honestly it helps. I am sorry to hear about your parents and the stress you are undergoing. I myself and finding it hard to deal with my current stressful troubles - work, former alcoholic parents who I just caught drinking again, relationship, life in general as my 33rd birthday approaches. It's so stressful that I've worked myself into a serious of illnesses for the last month. I understand your thoughts and physical anxieties. Take one moment at a time...focus all efforts on one task, one thought...before you know it you're in class, learning, better your life, focusing on you.

Nicoolee's picture
Dec 9

@AmazedByU86 thank u so much for your comment, i wish you well in everything. I didn't expect life to be like this for me, but I have the responsibility to make it better.


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