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I've been physically sick, throwing up, i can't even move wi

I've been physically sick, throwing up, i can't even move without feeling like i'm going to past out. I don't go to classes often because of this too and honestly is bad, I dont know how I'm supposed to do my finals, but i really want to graduate and finish this so i tried.
Because of this i haven't been able to take my meds (paxil 25) and honestly i through i wasnt that affected but today i woke up and i had a dream about a teenager having adventures, falling in love, whatever and that trigger me so bad I have anxiety and was actually diagnosed with ocd, my mind won't shut down. I can't stop crying and all the fears about getting old and not being able have adventures with an innocent mindset are coming back, It's like I'm never getting ove r my reality and this is when i started to become the same as before, to be 100% honest i haven't been mentally well but i manage to do things and i stopped having panic attacks and i worried less.
I actually think that they are going to tell me to stop my medication (i'm going to the doctor today) because it's killing my stomach and i'm in a lot of other medicine

sorry this doesnt make sense, need to said it

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Dec 2

also my parents are getting divorce my mom is movin out and im going to be staying with my dad, i know im a 22 year old adult, but i dont think im dealing with this correctly


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