I've been dealing with anxiety i feel like ever since I had

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I've been dealing with anxiety i feel like ever since I had my daughter 2 years ago it started. But lately it has gotten worse like 3 months ago . My dr prescribed medication around that time but I believe that's what made me worse so I stopped them. Now its really hard to get through my day and it has gotten me pretty depressed and I'm afraid to simply be alone at home with my daughter at times and I'm afraid to go out with her knowing I may start panicking.i started therapy a month ago . It has helped alil but I still get really bad. I get so short of breath sometimes and even some chest pain and just dissocialize all the time. feels like I'm literally going to die from the shortness of breath it has even gotten in the way of my sexual life and its the worst I feel like I can't even enjoy a time thats suppose to be special and intimate with my bf without getting anxiety like why ??? It makes no sense I hate myself sometimes for getting this way and I just want this to end already it feels like it never will the only thing that keeps me going is my daughter . I never get to the point of ending my life or hurting others tho . Never that but I just wish I cld get over this feeling that seems endless. Plus covid does not help at all ... anyone has any advice or want to share their story ? Would really appreciate it

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You really sound like a caring, loving person with so much to offer. I understand the anxiety. For me it is not something I can attribute to a cause. It just seems to be a body response and I do not know when it is going to happen. I did have a troubled childhood and so that may have set up triggers or something that I don’t even understand. There are some practical things I do. I use Valerian to help me to relax. I do use Irving brand of CBD oil and it does help some. I have found that peppermint helps. I use a peppermint castile soap and use peppermint candies when I feel anxiety coming on. I try breathing and focusing on my blessings and all of that helps. But sometimes it just rolls over me.

But what has helped me more than anything is my relationship to God. As I accepted Jesus as my Savior and he forgave my sins I found amazing grace and peace and joy in circumstances where you wouldn’t expect it. When I learned that my heavenly Father loved me (this was so important for me) and was there 24/7 to hear my heart cries and prayers, I found such peace. As I read my Father’s words of truth in the Bible I feel like they are speaking directly to me bringing me what I need. God’s word tells me to be anxious for nothing. I ask Him to help me not to be anxious and show me a better way, and He does. I watch Christian movies, read Christian books and fellowship with other believers. All of this helps me. Here is a number-355 382 5433-they will share with you how you can find this wonderful peace, forgiveness and love from your heavenly Father. I am praying for you to find peace, hope and God’s plan for your life. This can be a life changing experience. God bless you.

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May 9

@hsgramabrenda hello thanks for taking time and leaving a response and thank you for that . How long have you anxiety and when did it start ? And oh really I have been thinking about trying cbd oil but the dispensaries I go to are always out and idk where else I can actually get it Idk a website that i can actually trust . Where do you get yours ,? I heard lavender helps but I wld have to try peppermint as well makes sense tho since its a refreshing scent. And yes I try to focus on my blessings as well and that does help cos I know there's people out there way worse then me that have actually gotten through it . This experience has also made me more closer to God. I have always believed in him and talked to him when there's something on my mind but ever since I had anxiety I have just gotten more closer to him and it does help talking to him I mostly pray for him to relieve my anxiety so I won't get depressed. Because I want to be happy for my daughter I am also very scared to die and not being able to see my daughter grow up that rlly gets me .. thank you for that info I will have to check that out but the number what is that too ?

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May 12

@JaayR I think it helps for people to share. I have had anxiety since I was five years old when my parents divorced and my basic need for safety and security went out the window. I developed a nervous stomach. It escalated when I became a teenager. Probably hormones contributed and my mother’s marriage to an alcoholic. I have noticed over the years that hormones seem to have a contribution to my state of anxiety. But I am not sure what I can do about that except accept it. Drs pretty much said it was all in my head so it was left pretty much up to me to work this through. I did try some meds. Trivaile (not sure of spelling) worked but I only took one pill when I felt an attack coming. They wanted me to take it all the time but that was worse than the anxiety. Valium didn’t work but the natural herb Valerian occasionally does help also.
As for the CBD oil Irving is the brand I trust. You can get it from the Irving website or from Swanson Vitamins. I had to work out the dosage. Lavender helps a little but not enough for me to depend on it. I understand being uncomfortable with going out with the baby. I pretty much don’t go alone unless there is no other alternative.
I do pretty well with things like cancer, bad situations, financial and relationship issues. I learned that God would handle those, if I let Him, and I do what I can do and then turn it over to Him; trust and rest in Him. But there are some days when there is no apparent cause for the anxious feeling and my body is just out of whack.
I found that following a natural diet, getting good rest and exercise really does help and cuts down on the occurrences. I do keep up with my vitamins and boron, b12 and sometimes the other B vitamins and magnesium (don’t take too much it will give you diarrhea) help. I have also discovered that I am sensitive to toxins and chemicals. They increase my risk of an attack substantially. This may actually be extra stress on my system and is more than I can handle.
I think this is a matter of working out what works for you. The phone number is just a source for resources. Hope all this helps. People don’t realize how debilitating anxiety can be. Sometimes I just face going out and/or face things anyway and I may throw up and or black out when breathing becomes real difficult, but personally I refuse to let this control my life except when it is a threat to the safety of my children. I am praying for you. We can do this with God’s help!!!!! By the way I am 76 years old and have had times in my life when this was under pretty good control. I still think it has a lot to do with health and nutrition and finding good ways to control stress i.e. focus on gratitude. God bless you.

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