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Yesterday, my hard drive stopped reading any more suddenly,

Yesterday, my hard drive stopped reading any more suddenly, and now I have no access to all my data, specifically the last three months work which I have no backup for. It is my mistake that I haven't made a backup, but I didn't see this coming since everything seemed fine with laptop more or less. I am feeling like I am in a very bad situation because it took a hell of effort to did the work of the last three months, especially with the mental/mood issues! I don't know what to think! I feel like I am in a shock!

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Dec 3

Thank you for your support!
I have tried to go to double computer tech places, but they don't do hard disk recovery, they only can replace it with a new one, which is very useless to me now!
I feel too much pain and guilt since it is kind of my mistake that I don't have backup!
What is done is done, I want to process this and move on, but I don't know what I should do exactly!

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Dec 3

Check the laptop makers and/or the hard drive manufacturers website for disk utilities. One of those might be able to help but it's a stretch

Dec 6

Thank you man for trying to help!
However, the hard disk is not appearing in the boot menu at all so it is an hardware electrical problem mostly! I tried to read the hard disk using an external adapter, but it didn't work so I am trying to accept it and move on!


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