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Today was really bad day. I have been feeling down, irritat

Today was really bad day. I have been feeling down, irritated and totally pissed. I ranted all day and I couldn't stop what I was feeling and at the same time it's making me so sad. Today was so intense. I couldn't focus at anything. And I am more anxious right now thinking that my mood might be like this for the rest of the week and I have exam on Saturday. I don't want to fail it. I have to pull myself together but Idk how. It's too frustrating

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IMOKRU's picture
Sep 13

@sunfloweeer We all have our times where we need to scream, but often our brains are feeding us false emotions. For me, I am always trying to maintain perspective. Traveling always helps with that, or the neighbors who live in a cow barn with 4 kids... I hope you're having a better day!

tabbycat65's picture
Sep 13

Feel as you feel, don't fight it, makes it worse. Never feel guilty for how you feel. Let it out and let it go.

sunfloweeer's picture
Sep 14

@tabbycat65 hi, thanks for this ΓΌ hope youre having a good day.


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