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That old question of 'what am I doing wrong?' has come creep


That old question of 'what am I doing wrong?' has come creeping up again. It's like it sits and waits for me in the shadows. I can't help but think that I'm alone. It gets to me at night when I don't have anything to do. I don't want to watch tv or even play a game on the computer. I put on the happy face for the kids, but when I get by myself, it all turns back to front. I just wish I could skip this part of the evening. I feel like reach out to people, but I don't want to bug them. I can't tell when someone is being sincere or not. I'd take a drink, knowing it would help maybe calm me down. But that would lead to another and another.

Gone Fishing's picture
Jul 12

Please stay away from the bottle. There are no answers in there. Secondly. You are welcome to come talk to me. Just shoot me a PM anytime.
I can understand how you feel. It’s tougher when there’s less to do.
I’m not sure how much this can help. But my brother in law has this light he uses in the winter when it gets dark soo early. And it’s supposed to emulate the sun and create an aura that helps keep him from falling into depression.

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Jul 13

@Gone Fishing Sigh, I went from a none drinker to drinking more than I should since I got married, dont think that is normal or healthy, not ready to give up the marriage but don't want to be an alcoholic either, is there a light for that? Thinking if I dont feel so alone in life might help, don't know for sure, tried everything to feel whole.

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Jul 13

@tabbycat65 first I’m sorry you are battling with this. I know how tough it can be. And usually the only light for booze is the light one sees when they realize the true reasons for their pain.
I can’t speak for others. Because quitting addictions is one of those things that goes deep and personal. So everyone has their own reasons for drinking. And their own reasons for stopping.
However for me. It was the fact that I didn’t see my life going anywhere. And for me. My light was when I stopped my denial and faced my past.
I wish you the best. And if I can help keep you on the right track. I will.


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