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So lonely today and tonight. Cant seem to snap out of it.

So lonely today and tonight. Cant seem to snap out of it.

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Sep 13

I feel a lot you do TPB78, family issues for me mostly. Now i'm a care taker without any family help (big family) I've stopped leaving the house except for doctors, medicine, groceries, and to shop at the dollar store. Everything i have to do, I must do alone. Whether inside or outside the house, or those errands, it's so lonely. I pray & i pray that something good will happen to change things.

Cw1's picture
Sep 13

I think others have already said this, but a rescue animal is a good start. The only cliche I have is to love yourself first (even just a tiny bit) or how can anyone else? There must be one single thing you at least like about yourself. I started with a friend who gets me. I love her and she loves me even if we lose touch sometimes. Start your own "family" of people, pets etc.. even us.

Sep 14

Thanks for your reply. It just seems as though every time I finally get to solve one problem (ish), another one is there waiting to pop up.


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