This week's Brilliant New Topic: It is Thanksgiving next week y'all, where has the year gone???
November 19th, 2020


No one cares, no one cares, I could sit here and say it ove

No one cares, no one cares, I could sit here and say it over and over again, i could recite it 50 million times in my headthat no one cares, I could kick, scream and shout and cry all day long how no one cares, and at the end of the day no one still doesn't give a crap.

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Jul 12, 2019

@Lonely1213 I think we find those people when we least expect it. Some are family members and some are people we just meet along the way. I think those genuine connections are found when we are doing what we love most. Connecting through our passions

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Jul 13, 2019

I know how you feel, can't tell you how many days I feel like no one cares, I can die now people would get over it so very fast. I am learning, it is very hard at this point, to love and live for myself and all the lost pets without family, I seem to relate to animals the most.

Jul 18, 2019

@1984Dog Hi, I just read what you said and wanted to jump in here. You sound so lonely and I'm so sorry. You're so special, you have so much value, you're not less of a person than anyone else. Just because the circumstances of your birth were a mistake does not mean that you are. You're not invisible, and I pray you'll see you're a first choice to God -- he loves you so much that he sacrificed his own Son to save you. He allows you to exist because he says he's "not willing that any should perish." Please don't take my word for it, if you've read the old testament maybe you could read the new?


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