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Lately, I am feeling kind of low. They say overthinking is t

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Lately, I am feeling kind of low. They say overthinking is the mother of all anxieties. And I always have that. There are these memories that keep on repeating in my mind. How can I understand myself? Sometimes, I think of worse things that might happen to people I love; for example - their death. And tears would follow. But why do I think of such, always? I just feel sad but I cannot point the reason why. Sometimes I am anxious of people, things and situations. How to handle sadness without a pertaining cause? Or maybe, I just deny the reasons.

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Jan 5

@OmaGosh thats good for you but not for everyone.

Jan 10

Dear norseduncan and hunterxdb, Thank you for your comments. Yes, I absolutely mean to be encouraging in a very real way. Am I not free to share my religious beliefs as well as anyone else? We all
have them and we all share them. Some don't realize they're sharing their religious beliefs, but your view of life and the world IS your religious belief.
I speak what I believe will truly help, just as I hope you also do.
I was simply pointing out to PUREVIDA that we were saying very different things.
Thank you, though, for your concern.

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Jan 10

@OmaGosh and I do hope you truly grasp hat was said and don't travel miles across that line, as before, lest I have to see you to the door. you weren't simply doing anything but saying your way is the only way, which is not and never will be acceptable here. and now you are doing it again. my view of the world is not my religious belief, nor will it ever be a religious belief. religion and spirituality are VERY different things. and no one here is talking religion save for you. capiche?


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