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It's incredible how much a smile can hide. I..Like most peop


It's incredible how much a smile can hide. I..Like most people...pretend to be okay when really I'm crying on the inside. I moved from my town to my partners town in order to be with him. We have to live with his family as we can't afford to live alone yet. They get involved in every aspect of my life. Telling me to do more hours at work. Making comments about me and my partner. We have to have dinner with them everyday. We have a house group chat and we do events with them. I feel suffocated by them and my job?I hate it. It makes me cry my eyes out in the toilet and makes me contemplate suicide and I'm strugglig to find other work. I miss my family so much. I barely see them as it's an hour journey and I don't drive and plus work takes up so much time. I asked my partner if he would move to my town for me and he said no. Why do I do everything for us and he does nothing. I feel like I'm the only one making sacrifices for the sake of us. My life is ****** right now and the depression I have been battling with for seven years is getting worse. I'm so home sick and I feel so alone.

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May 15

My boyfriend's mother asked me where l'm going only once - and since that day l don't come to her place at all.

May 16

@1emptysoul yeah his family get too involved in both our lives and he sees it as normal but I'm like what the hell we are adults..even if I was a young teen..they have no right to get involved in my life as they are not my family. They are all very close but so rude too and it drives me nuts.

May 16

@Littlered988 it took me awhile to realize that most people that have really close tight families like to control every aspect of their children’s lives the only person I ever got along with in my ex’s family was her dad because I saw him as this guy who was really like me, except he had lost control and lost himself it was easier to just let his wife bail her children out of their problems rather then let them learn lessons needed in life. And when I started to see myself do that I knew a piece of me was dying. Hon you got to start doing stuff for yourself and tell your husband that together you need to make your own life otherwise you will lose all determination and drive and just be an empty husk.


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