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It has been few weeks I was very well. But again, today I am

It has been few weeks I was very well. But again, today I am massively depressed. I am trying all kinds of distractions like watching some show and browsing how to cope with this depression but it's all the same. Of course depression is hard but all sites are same, all they say is do exercise, eat this , do that, have fun and bla bla bla bla......... I just don't know how to get over this. The last time this kind of thing happened was after my breakup but now nothing like that has happened and still I am feeling this loneliness, sadness. I even had a fight with my dad and mom on small things. Please someone just help me get out of this misery where I want to cry but I just cannot! Meds don't help me, they just give thousands of pills and their work is done. Someone just help me out plz.

Sep 14

introvertme can you find or remember something that always brought a smile to your face,something that makes you relax even giggle a little.It's not anything that those self help articles will recommend though there intentions are great but its more personal than that even a favorite childhood cartoon you can put on repeat and just go into for an hour on your own?Maybe you have/had a hobby like drawing or reading that you have put aside because of the depression which happens alot we lose interest in most things.Maybe you used to enjoy baking I dint know im just offering suggestions on what works for me.If you can try to watch images that are just middle of the road,listen to some music thats familiar,try to find inside yourself some ideas of anything that can soothe you and just make the depression back off then whatever it is you find repeat repeat repeat until youve carved out a little place of calm for yourself you can go to anytime.I hope this helps you its my simple basic offer of advice and its helped me.Please be well

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Sep 14

I am sorry your struggling with your break up it can really be tough if you were together for a long time

Sep 15

Try to talk with friends you trust and know they care about you. Start each day with positive statements and say them often throughout the day Let those statement seep into your subconscious. I will be praying for you . Hugs.


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