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November 19th, 2020


Is there anyone who has successfully come out of self-hate,

Is there anyone who has successfully come out of self-hate, depression, and anxiety? If someone is taking any natural initiative to tackle these problems, please let me know. I am very desperate to come out of all of these.

Oct 29

I struggle with these. It takes work to tackle them. Could be from ways we were raised. Are you a perfectionist of any sort? When does this self hate arise? Be kinder to yourself.

Oct 29

Hey bro, I'm not sure mental health struggles ever go away. We just get better and putting all that destructive thinking in it's right place. When it's a matter of brain chemistry then medication is needed. I think I've heard that it's possible for meds to fix chemistry imbalance, but personally I've only ever met people that change prescriptions over time.
The thing that helped me most with my anxiety/insomnia was that after suffering through some really bad stretches I was able to convince myself that it wasn't so bad and that worst case, things are still ok. Learning to remind myself of that, the anxious thoughts lost their hold over me. I still have tough stretches, but they don't own me like they used to because I know better and I know how to remind myself of that in the moments.
Hope that helps bro, I think all of our journeys are a little different, God speed.


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