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I'm so very lonely and I wish I had someone to talk to. I dr

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I'm so very lonely and I wish I had someone to talk to. I dropped out of school because of my depression. All my old classmates are now either in university or working and I just spend all day at home. I am sure it's making my depression worse. I have no idea where to find people my age (early 20s) other than night clubs and the like. I'm too anxious and insecure to try to find people there, and they usually already have their friend groups.

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@almondmilk97 pursue those dreams! Go for it! Put your heart and soul into it. From my experience, depression comes and goes. Life has its ups and it has its cycle of "what in the world?!?!? Come on, really?!". But, I've learned to appreciate the good days to the max and take control of what I can. I wanted to be a runner, so i quit smoking amd became a runner. I was fat and wanted to be skinny, so i lost the weight, i wanted to be strong and flexible, so i started lifting and doing yoga...ect. Do the things you want and have complete control over and accept what you can not. Loneliness, sometimes isn't a choice...people come and go on a constant bases...for me-
aniexty gets in the way...but because its easier to accept bc I stay busy doing the things I love and have taken control of the things I can.

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One of the best things that you can do is meditate. I know it sounds crazy, but it honestly helps. I’ve had depression since I was a teenager as well and there are still moments here and there when I feel like giving up, but meditation and breathing exercises have really helped me. I also listen to positive podcasts ,which help a lot as well.


@Blessed0890 same.. meditation or praying if religous. ... Your able to train your brain to think differently over time. Hardest part is staying consistant and not giving up.


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