I'm falling apart. It's second week that my mother isn't giv

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I'm falling apart. It's second week that my mother isn't giving me an ounce of breathing space. Today she wanted to go with me somewhere for a made up cause but I finally said no. Lately it's gotten colder and to my horror I saw that I'm still sensitive to the cold which has paralyzing, coma-inducing effect on me, I'm scared to go anywhere. Anyway I need a break from all this madness.
A while ago it seemed that my recovery is going well. I was looking forward to total healing. I just felt bad about not having anyone who'd feel happy for me. I pretended that nothing's wrong so nobody around me noticed any change. The crazy thing is that they seem to think that I'm pretending that I'm not alright to avoid things.
By the way it's been a while since I last posted, I didn't have Internet a while ago but I had it since last week, I literally had no opportunity to be online. As well as no opportunity to exercise and to read. 0 privacy. Actually when I didn't have Internet, I spent that time reading books. I could because coincidentally my mother was giving me silent treatment so I thoroughly enjoyed peace. I finished the book I was reading and read 3 more books. I felt it did wonders to my mental health. If only I could keep this up. Really miss reading, hopefully now is a good chance. Have a great day

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Dec 10

glad you have reading to help with your sanity..we all need something


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