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I wish I could have a fo over in life. I want to be a diffe

I wish I could have a fo over in life. I want to be a different person someone who isn't so awkward socially, someone who isn't so isolated, angry and quick to shut ppl out. I want a different personality, I have seen the err in my ways and it's too late now for me to change so I wish I could just start all over. I do NOT want to die so don't misunderstand me, I just wish I could switch personalities my life would be so much better than the lonely isolated no friend having always getting dumped on life that im living right now.

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Jul 12

Cautious to a fault. Now I'm socially awkward in a sense. I walk and hold my head in a way that I dont make eye contact with anyone and I dont have self esteem issues but I dont want to talk because I dont know how to and if someone does talk the words that comes out of my mouth are utter foolishness.
I'm gonna try it again tho, maybe at work just talking to a random person maybe give a compliment even if I dont mean it.

Jul 12

I'm cheering for you! These things aren't easy but remember that people are more perceptive than we often give them credit for. Chances are they'll know you don't mean it. Think about how you want to be in the world and what you want from others. Only give what you expect to get.

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Jul 15

Hello Lonely1213,
I can understand how you are feeling dear. I have been in your shoes before. The past is behind us and we cannot change it. But we can learn from it and make some changes today and tomorrow. It’s not too late. It may take some time. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. I did make some mistakes and had developed certain habits I wish I could change. At some point I was living with my mistakes until one day I decided I will not let my past and condition define me. You can turn things around. You can learn and train yourself to be who you wish to be with the right support. When I decided to turn my life around my faith, family and friends were such a huge support after I opened up to them. Having the desire to want a change is a good step to start with. Maybe you can start with making friends and joining a group. You are more than welcome to send chats. Stay hopeful


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