I need your help (again) tonight/today. Can you share three

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I need your help (again) tonight/today. Can you share three things you are grateful for here (in the comment section below)?

You'll be helping me out a lot! Reading other people's grateful lists really helps me shift gears (out of negative and disempowered mode). Thank you to all who share! (And wishing you all a wonderful weekend!) (((Hugs)))

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Jul 23

@Tense234 It helped my son a lot. It's
worth a try.

Jul 23

Thanks, I have been taking it for 10 days now along with adivan at night to help me sleep. how long did it take him to start feeling better?

Jul 24

@Tense234 I am on 75mg and it really helps me stay calm. I started off on a low dose and then worked my way up to 75. I have a sensitive stomach so I had to start off low and then increase little by little. It has been amazing and works wonders.


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