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I don’t like that I am scared to do things in life. I feel

I don’t like that I am scared to do things in life. I feel like I quit too easily, so I’d rather not try. For example, I like to workout and I want to shed a few pounds. However, I know that eating healthy is going to be difficult. I crave pretty easy, and I give up instantly after a single day of trying. I would still workout, but eating healthy is something that I can’t do. Another example is dating. I can’t try and talk to a girl I think is attractive, I’d rather accept the way I am, give up, and not try because I am too scared. I am only 18 years old and I’m very scared this will only lead to a negative outcome later in life. Please help and give any advice on how to fix my mindset. This has kept me up all night. I hate the way I am

Jul 3

I love junk food, so I get you on that. Make small changes. Work out and focus on that. Work on the food later in small stages. Just work on making friends, and that will lead to the dates later. Friends will help you with self confidence, and they may become more or introduce you to someone. Excercise helps with depression.

Jul 3

Abe, I think Ala has a good point. What says that you have to conquer everything at once? Choose just one thing to change--like working out. That would be tremendous. I say this because I so badly need to exercise.

By the way, I am an all-or-none type. Call me a hypocrite. Maybe sometimes we just need to set more realistic goals. Choose one thing to begin doing now. Then later (and not tomorrow or next week), I can choose something else to do to improve myself.


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