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Husband of 35 yrs told me he wants a separation due to: no

Husband of 35 yrs told me he wants a separation due to: no communication, intimacy, common interests. 9 yrs ago he had an affair, we went to counseling. Feels that I'm still holding this over his head. Im going to counseling to be a happier person. Husband said I need to find some interests, become independent.

He doesn't want a divorce, just needs space and time. Currently hes living with his mom. Hes a sociable person, being out with his friends makes him happy.
Meanwhile I'm depressed, lonely and gets anxious.

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Nov 12

Thank you to my supporters. The anxiety/stress has gotten better. Husband and I have 2 date nights coming up, he got to see our grandsons which made him very happy. He almost spent Sunday night at home (in my sons room) but his elderly mom was waiting for him. I told him to go be with his mom.
rtscd8, yes, I have my home Catholic Church, which I should attend for mass. I’m glad that everything worked out for you and your spouse.

13 hours ago

Although things are better with my husband, there is still loneliness when I get home from work. I had a slight melt down but quickly stopped when my daughter got home.

His brother lets me know when he has talks with my hubby. Like this morning my brother in law (BIL) shared that they had a talk last night. Again husband expresses his love for me and he doesn’t want a divorce. BIL asked my hubby if he’s been intimate with anyone else since his affair, and hubby said no (sigh of relief).

I just needed someone to ‘talk’ with

13 hours ago

@seangoodwin doc prescribed Lexapro but I got really sick. I have xanax and occasionally take a drop of CBD oil to help me sleep


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