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Husband of 35 yrs told me he wants a separation due to: no

Husband of 35 yrs told me he wants a separation due to: no communication, intimacy, common interests. 9 yrs ago he had an affair, we went to counseling. Feels that I'm still holding this over his head. Im going to counseling to be a happier person. Husband said I need to find some interests, become independent.

He doesn't want a divorce, just needs space and time. Currently hes living with his mom. Hes a sociable person, being out with his friends makes him happy.
Meanwhile I'm depressed, lonely and gets anxious.

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Nov 16

You should do the same. Get out there have fun with friends. Join some meetup groups. Such a hard journey, all we have is ourselves in the end. How you see yourself, feel about yourself. Go live and I think other things will fall in place. So sorry...keep working on you.

Nov 16

Thank u. That's what everyone tells me.

Nov 22

First thanksgiving without him. He would be talking to me if I hadn't blown up on Sunday evening. I'm an idiot


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