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How do you deal with forgiveness? How do you move on when y


How do you deal with forgiveness? How do you move on when you were hurt by someone in the past?

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May 29

@Ehelp i think forgiveness is one thing, then doing it again and causing more issues, then the person might have been forgiven, but if they do it again, I have a hard time giving forgiveness. Family is hard because often they do the same things and cause issues time and time again.

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May 29

It's true. My father would rather avoid me than deal with the pain he has caused me. The last time I told him how he made me feel about a comment, he turned it around and got mad at me. Like who is the father here? But because of the nature of his problem and narcissim, he will never change. He never gave me an ounce of loving kindess or financial support and made it clear to me that I am not welcome back in him home. My mother keeps changing her story with me just to keep finding out what is going on in my life. She complains to me about him them protects him. They spend 3000$ on a new grave stone for a dead son from 1976 and are fine with that, yet helping out their kids or grandkids on securing a house or future is not interesting to them. I am saying this because they frustrate me soo much and here is a place to vent, but this is why I can't deal with them. i realized this after learning about boundares. That if someone makes you feel bad, that's enough to stay away from them. Especially if they refuse to change or admit anything. I have given my father may chances to devellop a relationship again and he refuses. As soon as a more interesting person comes alon, he continues treating me like ****. I am fed up. They take me for granted.

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May 29

@Ehelp https://youtu.be/L2riylnf0SM

"Do not cast pearls before swine"


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