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A couple nights ago it was really hard, everyday now im figh

A couple nights ago it was really hard, everyday now im fighting with myself to just end it and the only thing stopping me is a couple people that need me and even that is beginning to work less andless as a reason, so couple nights ago im really sitting there on the verge and i go to the suicide hotline and i didnt wanna talk on the phone cause i know saying it with words would be much more difficult than typing it out so i chose the text option and im sitting there in bed tears all over my face finally ready to talk to someone and there were 17 people ahead of me, almost like some kind of sick cosmic joke anyway a small part of me hopes i dont do it but a bigger part is telling me i should

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Oct 8

@PlsSaveMe yes of course! Let me get those for you!

Oct 8

Im so sorry you're feeling this way and going through this :(. you deserve to be happy. private message me if you ever need to talk and I will be happy to listen. be good to yourself <3

Oct 8

@Kristyn Counseling is about finding the right fit. It can take time to find a counselor that you feel comfortable with and even though it may seem like a time waster, the investment will eventually pay off. There are some good counselors out there but it seems as though once someone has a bad experience, its harder to for them to try it again. Think of it like this. If you were going to get an operation, you would search different doctors, get different opinions before you make a decision. If someone is going to operate on your heart, you want to be able to trust them, their experience, and their work. Same thing with counselors. You are trusting them with your heart, and so much more emotionally, spiritually, etc. that you don't want to just share that with anyone. You are worth the investment in yourself. Try someone else until you really connect with someone.


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