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I'm not sure if I posted already, sorry in advance I'm new t

I'm not sure if I posted already, sorry in advance I'm new to this. I hope to find people to talk too. I'm so lonely, desperate to be loved, sad all the time, easily prone to crying. I have my friends but their all convinced its all in my head, but thats the ****. It is all in my head, literally. I have MDD, ADD, and anxiety. I have these legitimate issues in my head and no one understands. I know it's not their fault. A lot of people don't have experience dealing with issues like mine. I try not to expect anything from anyone these days. But its so difficult. I just got a call this morning from my doctor telling me I have HPV. F*ck, Like I didn't have to deal with so much already. I don't feel like myself. I feel empty. I feel like a pile of missing puzzle pieces meant for different puzzles. I don't feel like I'm experiencing my life. I'm just watching my life go by. I try to do so many different things to try to feel. But I don't feel anything anymore. I met some guy this weekend, that I had thought was cool, you know good for me. Someone I can get to know, someone understanding and funny. But now I have HPV and that changes the way I think about having relationships right now. My ex boyfriend treated me like trash. I don't know what to do. I'm only 22, I have my whole life ahead of me but I can't get over the feeling that I'm done for, you know?

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Jul 14

@PennyPanic you would think with all the modern technology our government supposedly has, they would have some type of advancement on this.

Jul 15

@PrettyBlueEyesz I's rather unbelievable isn't it?

Aug 7

I just found out about mine! I understand the way you are feeling. It’s like I’ve stopped living for the moment!!


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