Never thought I would have the need to search for such group

Never thought I would have the need to search for such groups, but here we are. From being someone who has always felt pure joy in helping others, I am at the wanting end now. Then again maybe I am just over reacting and things will eventually work out. I am sick and tired of waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting. I have strived so hard to achieve my ambitions, my dreams, and yet I am still so far. I do not even know if I am making sense through my words. I am not a failure but I certainly feel like one. I smile but deep inside I just want to be alone. I just want to scream, to shout, to cry. I do not even know how to feel right now. I hate interacting with my own family, even though I know they love me. I know they wish well for me, but I just cannot face them, for I am a failure. I am sorry if I am being too much.

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Mar 16

@ktk96 Well, you've said all the negative. What about some positive too? Quit the negativity and the "I always fail" outlook. I'm sure there's plenty of Positive also. Many people look in the mirror and all they see is every flaw. If you feel unattractive, chances are you will look that way to others. Get past all that and think about what you have achieved and what you still can do. Write in a Journal daily. It's easy to write bad things about yourself. But make a list of the good you've done and accomplished. Set some realistic goals for yourself. When you feel good about yourself, you tend to do well in life. Change your outlook about you, work, and life. And most of all, don't worry about everyone else and how they are doing. Worry about YOU. Because in the end, you only have to make yourself happy.

Mar 16

Feelings are complicated, and being the one in need from time to time is okay, having these thoughts can be overwelming and can stuck with you for a while, but it's important to not let them take the best of you.
You may have not be where you want, but sure you have come far, it's okay if you need a little stop to feel better, slow down, and see back on what you have done, what you have achieved.
Not everybody would travel the path you have been walking and reach were you are.

Mar 21

I am currently in school for social work, and let me just say, those feelings are COMPLETELY VALID. Feeling like you're always helping someone else but unsure of how to help yourself. Somewhere along the lines, I thought that going back to school in my 30s with 2 kids and a whole husband was a grand idea. LOL. It is very tough, but I do find joy when the grades come in. Sometimes we need a little (positive) instant gratification to remind ourselves of what we are capable of. Maybe reaching out to one family member that you feel like you can relate to the most and sharing a bit of what you're going through will help. Go into with little to no expectations if at all possible. Sometimes people can relate to us more than we think. Clearly your family is of some importance to you. One family member being able to understand is better than none if those are relationships that you want to improve!


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