i am so scared of the future. i feel like theres so much pre

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i am so scared of the future. i feel like theres so much presssure on me and im not doing the best in school rn and i just really want to be successful. i need to to help my family out. but im just 16. and every time i think of the future my chest tightens because what if i fail. what if i let everyone down.

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Jan 21

Sorry your having so much anxiety... is there things you’ve done in past helps with this? Do you think certain things stressing you in life you can get rid of so not bothering so much anymore?

Jan 21

From an older person I have seen many young person get stressed over exams and got stressed over exams and interviews . I can tell you the career you aim for now more than likely will not be the job you do in 20 years . People I know did not go to university as their choice but went later in live now have a good job

Jan 21

Pause. Breathe. Repeat.. No offense, but you are a kid. I have a hard time believing that anyone--except yourself--is counting on you to bail them out. Failure isn't anything to be scared of. Everyone fails. That's how you learn. Visit your happy place when you are stressed and remember that, in the long run, most stuff isn't all that important.


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