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So it's been alittle over a month since my marriage ended an

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So it's been alittle over a month since my marriage ended and I'm actually doing well with it. I can do things now without having to ask or feeling bad or watching what I say because I didnt want him to get mad. And all of the sudden, this wonderful person enters my life. I am having very strong feelings for him. My question is, is it to soon? I wasent looking but he is everything I thought didnt exist.

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Jun 14

Well done for doing so well. I would be very careful as it’s so soon after your marriage has ended, sometimes what you think you feel isn’t really your true feelings because you’re still wrapped up in changes and feelings (even though you think you’re not) that mask reality. I wish you well.

Jun 14

I agree...go slowly. If he is the real deal, and we will cross our fingers that he is, he will be around for awhile so don't rush anything.

Jul 11

Be careful. Rebound relationships rarely work out. It took me 3 years to accept a date after my divorce. I as asked out a lot, but wanted nothing to do with another man. Thought they were all alike. And I needed to get to know myself and spend time with my children. Please take it slowly!!


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