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I am having a really hard time. Im getting a divorce after 6

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I am having a really hard time. Im getting a divorce after 6 years. We never worked on are problems and the longer things went on the more problems we had. I deeply love my wife and i know this is whats best for us. She asked me to move out of the family home so i did. Now she wants me to pay all the bills and she calls me for help all the time.. i hate to see her having a hard time or cry so i always give in. I dont sleep much any more and i spend most my day thinking about her. At the end we tryed the open marrage thing and she started seeing someone she works with. I still cant even think of being with another women so a part of me is thinking did she really love me. I had a cuple of melt downs over this and i say im going to cut her of but i always end up giving in and doing what ever she asks. But she is seeing someone and it hurts. This has made my anxiety hit 10x harder and last for days. I had to pull myself out of a bottle a couple of times. Im not sleeping im not eatting i have to drink until i pass out because if i dont my mind keeps going. I try and sleep but i wake up every hour with my heart racing and my mind going crazy. I am not dealing with this in a good way at all

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Oct 11


Oct 11

I know the feeling all too well. One day you will wake up and it won’t hurt so much. Please take care of yourself and they may mean speaking to a therapist. When there a children it so complicated and if there is still love it magnifies. She has moved on beloved and I’m sure that is so painful but you have to try to be the best man and father you can be. Sending a big hug.

Oct 11

Hey mack, you're going through it right now. You have my sympathy and prayers. It will never be easy, but it will get easier. I agree that your focus should be on self care right now. Don't be shy about finding or reconnecting with a therapist. Emotionally processing the roller coaster you're on is extremely hard, get as much help as can.


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