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I can't seem to pick myself up. I have been on a real low for a few weeks now and I'm so fed up with myself. Im trying desperately to get some support from my Psych but I have to be patient.

I just feel like nothing in my life is fullfilling me anymore and the people I'm surrounded with no longer care about me in the right ways because of all the problems I have caused in the past with my Mental Health.

I'm so sick of everyone elses opinions about me, I almost feel like giving up and letting my fears get me..

I feel so empy inside, when I look around everyone else is moving forward in their lives and have things to look forward to.

I speak more to Debt collectors than to anyone who actually wants to offer their time. I just feel like a huge dissapointment and I never used to feel this way... I have never truly recovered from my first real heartbreak and my life has been nothing but un-certainty since then :( why can't I just be enjoying the most out of life...



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Nov 6, 2012

You need to stop worrying about others opinions cause in the end they mean nothing. People who don't unread stand us and mental health don't know how to accept it do they express negative opinions and try to avoid putting in the effort. Talking with people on here and others that have been where you and I and others on here is so relieving. Cause there's only expierience strength and hope shared. I think the more you hear these encouraging words the more you will grow closer to loving yourself. But first we must accept ourselves for who we are when we do that we see the things we can change and the things we can't. Then we take that new love for ourselves and try and help the next person get out of where we just were. Stay strong. Keep reaching out


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